Next Talk


Late on May 10th, the Lyncean Program Committee emailed the following message to all our members regarding the schedule for future meetings.

     We want to inform everyone that we are cancelling the next meeting, which was scheduled for May 27th.  Although this step is probably obvious to all of you, we wanted to make sure that we communicated this decision.  We will continue to monitor the situation with regards to the virus and SWYC availability so that we can resume meetings as soon as it is safe.  We hope to retain all of the speakers we have had to cancel but the future schedule is very uncertain.
     In the interim, we encourage you to visit your/our website at to view past talks, coin presentations, and explore Pete’s Lynx.  Please take care of yourselves until we meet again.

We are looking forward to the time when we can resume our meetings and talks.  I decided to leave the Upcoming Talks page in its original form as a reminder of the interesting and exciting topics we had planned to cover and hope to cover sometime in the future: a stratospheric parachute jump, using lasers to control atoms and molecules, unmanned aerial vehicles, the solar system, fusion energy, and partnerships between bacteria and invertebrates.  No, that last one is not a political talk!

Until then, let’s hope that we can soon resume the pleasant and stimulating meetings summarized by the pictures below.  Please take care, everyone!

Bill Hagan
Program Chair

UPDATE on 8/14/20: We were only able to meet for the first two talks planned for 2020. The remaining meetings were postponed sequentially as the date of the meeting approached (see the Upcoming Talks page). As of August, 2020 only the last meeting, scheduled for 11/18/20, has not yet been officially postponed. However, it is highly likely that we will be forced to postpone it when we get closer to the date. All of the speakers for the postponed talks have agreed to reschedule once it becomes safe to reconvene for our meetings.

UPDATE on 9/5/20: We have decided to postpone the last talk planned for 2020, which was titled “The Advanced Tokamak Path to Fusion Energy and Critical DIII-D Contributions” by Richard Buttery of General Atomics. We are still hopeful that we will be able to restart our periodic meetings and talks but, of course, the question is when? Hopefully, it will be before commercial fusion power plants are commonplace!

March 29, 2017