# Date Speaker Subject Place*
44 1/21/09 David Groce, Giancarlo Borgonovi, Bill Scott Two Topics: 1) High-Tech Art (DG), and 2) Atomic Models and the Old Quantum Theory (GB, BS) FSC
45 2/25/09 Gary Phillips Analysis of Obama’s Economic Plan FSC
46 4/15/09 Larry Kull Cosmic Microwave Background FSC
47 5/20/09 Prof. Yanbei Chen Quantum Mechanics of Macroscopic Objects FSC
48 6/17/09 Craig Smith Nuclear Energy and the Lead-Cooled Reactor FSC
49 9/9/09 John Asmus Paul Gauguin’s Five Parisian Ladies FSC
50 9/30/09 Howard Maccabee Update on Climate Change and Health FSC
51 11/18/09 Gary Carriveau, Richard Lukens Two Topics: 1) Asian Laquerware (GC), and 2) Exoplanets: An Update and Derivative Thoughts (RL) FSC

2009 Montage

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