# Date Speaker Subject Place*
61 1/12/11 Fred Singer Nature – Not Human Activity – Rules the Climate FSC
62 2/23/11 David Groce
Debbie DeRoma
Two Topics: 1) The Golden Age of Radio – 1930 to 1962 (DG), and 2) The Fleet Inquiry Institute, FII (DD) FSC
63 3/30/11 Mark Thiemens New Uses of Stable Isotopes to Resolve the Origin of the Solar System and the Change of Climate on Earth: From Deep Past to Present SWYC
64 5/4/11 Ken Kupfer How to Develop of Novel Medical Diagnostic for a Disease that is Inaccurately Defined? FSC
65 8/24/11 Henry Abarbanel Experience with the JASONs SWYC
66 9/21/11 Patrick Linson, MD
Zion Huang
Introducing the Cyberknife SWYC
67 11/16/11 Vic Orphan
Jim Winso
Lessons Learned in Developing the VACIS Products SWYC
68 12/16/11 Alfred Torri Nuclear Reactor Safety and the Accident at Fukushima FSC

2011 Montage

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