# Date Speaker Subject Place*
77 1/30/13 Tim Gentner A Bird’s Eye View of Auditory Cognition SWYC
78 4/24/13 Rommie Amaro Enabling Chemical Discovery Through the Lens of a Computational Microscope SWYC
79 6/5/13 John Asmus Seeing Double: Leonardo’s Mona Lisa Twin SWYC
80 7/17/13 John Haller Patents: The Facilitator of Success SWYC
81 9/6/13 Yeshaiahu (Shaya) Fainman Nanophotonics Technology and Applications SWYC
82 10/16/13 Brian Keating Going to the End of the Earth to Study the Beginning of Time SWYC

2013 Montage

*See Past Meetings tab for explanation of Place acronyms