# Date Speaker Subject Place*
15 2/2/05 Mauro Pacelli Quantum Computers SWYC
16 3/23/05 David Groce Benford’s Law SIO
17 4/27/05 Bob Ginaven The Three Gorges Dam in China SWYC
18 6/8/05 Don Lyle, Jim Miller The Pace of Technology Change in Computing FSC
19 7/20/05 William Burns Modeling Community Response and Impacts to a Terrorist Strike in a Large Urban Area Cal State San Marcos
20 9/14/05 Barry Butler Two Topics:   1) Peak Oil, and 2) Katrina FSC
21 11/2/05 Raulf Polichar New Gamma-Ray Detectors FSC
22 12/14/05 Larry Kull Dark Matter SWYC

2005 Montage

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