# Date Speaker Subject Place*
37 2/20/08 Vic Engleman and NOVA The Ghost Particle (The Neutrino) SWYC
38 4/9/08 John Asmus Ten Years of Art Restoration in China SWYC
39 5/14/08 Dean Kaul, Steve Egbert A-Bomb Survivor Dosimetry SWYC
40 6/25/08 Yanbei Chen Gravitational-Wave Detection: Space-Time Warps in the Distant Universe and Quantum Uncertainties of Macroscopic Objects SWYC
41 8/20/08 Gordon Procter Pebble Bed Modular Reactor SWYC
42 9/24/08 John R. Kelsoe, MD Genetics of Mental Illness FSC
43 11/12/08 Wayne Cornelius Looking Forward to a Smarter U.S. Immigration Policy Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, UCSD

2008 Montage

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