1341/22/20Richard NorrisClimate Change – Future California: if you know what’s coming, you can change itSWYC
1353/3/20Daniel WhitesonWe Have No Idea: Big, Unanswered Questions about the Universe and Its ParticlesSWYC
1364/15/20Dr. Gresham BayneWhat really happened during the STRATOS stratospheric parachute jump and what we still don’t knowSWYC
1375/27/20Ryan KastnerEngineers for ExplorationSWYC
1398/19/20Joe ValenzuelaThe general topic will be Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.  More detail is TBD.SWYC
1409/23/20Katherine de KleerDynamic Processes in the Solar System
(tentative title)
14111/18/20Richard ButteryThe Advanced Tokamak Path to Fusion Energy and Critical DIII-D ContributionsSWYC
Predicted Sea Level in San Francisco
This stuff accounts for only 5% of the universe!