2020 to 2024

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were only able to meet for the first two talks scheduled in 2020. No meetings were held in 2021 or 2022. In-person meetings started again in June 2023.

Climate Change – Future California: if you know what’s coming, you can change itSWYC
We Have No Idea: Big, Unanswered Questions about the Universe and Its ParticlesSWYC
The ocean’s large-scale circulation with emphasis on the Antarctic – Observations to process understanding to climate implicationsSWYC
1377/19/23David WeisbergProspects for deploying fusion power plants to meet future US electricity demandSWYC
1389/20/23Karin SandstromExploring Our Dusty Universe with the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)SWYC
13912/13/23Colleen PetrikClimate impacts on marine fish populations: from microscale to macroscaleSWYC
1401/17/24Andrea SmidlerUsing CRISPR genome engineering to study mosquito biology and combat malariaSWYC
Creating a Digital Twin of the El Zotz Mayan Archaeological SiteSWYC
1424/24/24Gresham Bayne, MDSTRATOS: How setting world skydiving records saved livesSWYC
1436/12/24Anastacia MacAllisterDeveloping the Human Machine Teaming (HMT) EcosystemSWYC
Predicted Sea Level in San Francisco
This stuff accounts for only 5% of the universe!