NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were only able to meet for the first two talks planned for 2020. The remaining meetings were postponed sequentially as the date of the meeting approached (see the Upcoming Talks page). As of August, 2020 only the last meeting, scheduled for 11/18/20, has not yet been officially postponed. However, it is highly likely that we will be forced to postpone it when we get closer to the date. All of the speakers for the postponed talks have agreed to reschedule once it becomes safe to reconvene for our meetings.

1341/22/20Richard NorrisClimate Change – Future California: if you know what’s coming, you can change itSWYC
1353/3/20Daniel WhitesonWe Have No Idea: Big, Unanswered Questions about the Universe and Its ParticlesSWYC
1364/15/20Dr. Gresham BayneWhat really happened during the STRATOS stratospheric parachute jump and what we still don’t knowSWYC
1375/27/20Ryan KastnerEngineers for ExplorationSWYC
1398/19/20Joe ValenzuelaThe general topic will be Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.  More detail is TBD.SWYC
1409/23/20Katherine de KleerDynamic Processes in the Solar System
(tentative title)
14111/18/20Richard ButteryThe Advanced Tokamak Path to Fusion Energy and Critical DIII-D ContributionsSWYC
Predicted Sea Level in San Francisco
This stuff accounts for only 5% of the universe!