Talk #134, 1/22/20


Date: Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 11:30 AM

Location: Southwestern Yacht Club
2702 Qualtrough Street
San Diego, CA 92106 (Point Loma)

Speaker:  Richard Norris
Geosciences Research Division
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
UC San Diego

Topic:  Future California: if you know what’s coming, you can change it

Projections of the future of California over the next 50-80 years suggest significant changes in our state’s water and energy availability, vegetation, agriculture and health as a function of climate change and growing human population. Many future trends are negative compared to today including water storage, fire risk, heat stress, air pollution, coastal erosion and urbanization.  Others, including precipitation, coastal fog, and marine fisheries are comparatively unchanging. Projections of the future state of California provide insight where social action, planing and political change could change our trajectory as a state. The possible futures of California also point to areas where individuals may take action in terms of where they invest, live and retire.

Professor Norris talked about the future of California in terms of 10 “trajectories”:
1. Population
2. Temperatures
3. Precipitation
4. Sea Level and Storm Surge
5. Snowpack
6. Agriculture
7. Wildfire
8. Making Power
9. Ecosystems
10. Activism

He summarized at the end of his talk with two conclusion slides:

Prof. Norris accepts a plaque of appreciation from Program Chair, Bill Hagan

After the formal presentation was over, Prof. Norris also discussed the “wandering stones of Death Valley” (shown below) with some members of the audience. Because of this interest, we have included some links for that topic as well as the Future California talk. There are also links to the full Future California Powerpoint presentation and for the wandering stones.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Norris-and-Wandering-Stone-1024x891.jpg
Professor Norris and a wandering stone in Death Valley

Prof. Norris created his talk on Future California by researching the literature for data, references, conclusions, and graphical representations of analysis, data, and forecasts. In all, he used 76 references. All 76 of these are listed at bottom of this page and may be downloaded.

The Future California Powerpoint presentation may be downloaded by clicking on the following link: Future California

Bill Hagan’s meeting slides can be downloaded by clicking on this link:
Meeting Slides 1-22-20

Prof. Norris’s Powerpoint presentation on the wandering stones can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: Wandering Stones Presentation

Additional links for references and a YouTube video on the Wandering Stones:

Nature article: ‘Wandering stones’ of Death Valley explained
LA Times article: Mystery of how rocks move across Death Valley lake bed solved
YouTube video: Slithering Stones | Racetrack Playa (video)

Because of the importance of climate change and the general scientific merit of being familiar with the literature on a subject, we have included links to all 76 references that Prof. Norris used in preparing his talk. The references are noted on the relevant slide(s) and listed below by the name of the file. Most, if not all, of these files are PDF. We hope that Lyncean members as well as the public find this useful.


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