# Date Speaker Subject Place*
125 1/9/19 Nai-Chang Yeh The Rise of  Graphene: From Laboratory Curiosity to a Wonder Material for
Science and Technology
126 2/20/19 Brian Keating Losing the Nobel Prize: A Cosmic Mystery Story SWYC
127 4/3/19 Pamela Cosman An Engineer’s Data-Driven Perspective on Gender in STEM SWYC
128 5/15/19 Eric Robinson
John Hunter
Space Cannons SWYC
129 6/26/19 Jeff Severinghaus Climate Change: What have we learned about our future from studying ice-core climate records? SWYC
130 8/7/19 William Tong Zeptomole-level (sub-parts-per-quadrillion-level) detection by multi-photon nonlinear laser methods for biomedical, environmental and security applications SWYC
131 9/25/19 Mark Merrifield Climate Change:  Sea-level rise impacts and adaptation strategies SWYC
132 10/30/19 Richard Norris Climate Change: Modern climate impacts and what we can expect of the future SWYC
133 12/11/19 TBD New ways to search for extraterrestrial intelligence SWYC

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