Talk #128, 5/15/19


Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 11:30 AM

Location: Southwestern Yacht Club
2702 Qualtrough Street
San Diego, CA 92106 (Point Loma)

Guest Speaker:  Andrea Decker, Adult Programs ManagerFleet Science Center

Topic: Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar

Main Speakers:  Eric Robinson, Strategic Outreach Manager,  and  Dr. John Hunter, CTO, Green Launch

Topic:  Space Cannons – a Bridge to Low Earth Orbit and Beyond

Update on 1/13/21: Following is a link to a November 2020 Green Launch video describing the use of their light gas cannon for placing small satellites in orbit:

Green Launch is a technology created to revolutionize and expand our access to space, opening the solar system for exploration and unlimited resources.

The Problem:  There is only one way to get your payload into space. Today’s rockets require years of planning, are very expensive, and produce tonnes of greenhouse gases to manufacture and launch.  Rocket companies charge between $5,000-$15,000 per pound and years of planning to put anything into orbit.  For many potential customers that is a deal breaker.

The Solution:  Instead of using rockets, wouldn’t be incredible if there was an environmentally friendly, hypersonic space cannon to shoot satellites and supplies into orbit whenever you want?

Technology:  The world’s projectile velocity record was set with a light gas gun. We utilize the fastest propellant known, hydrogen.  Green Launch plans to use a hydrogen cannon to launch small satellites into space.  Once the vehicle is in space, an onboard rocket fires, putting it into a designated orbit.

Phase 1 – Milestone Status – In less than 14 months, the Green Launch propulsion system has accelerated projectiles to hypersonic speeds horizontally.

Phase 2 – Ready for world record suborbital impulse launch into space.

Phase 3 – Deliver a payload into low earth orbit as proof of concept for a new economical route to low earth orbit.

You can download Andrea decker’s slides about the adult programs at the Fleet Center by clicking on the link below:
Adult Programs at the Fleet

You can download the Green Launch slides by clicking on the link below:
Green Launch Slides

You can download Pete Lobner’s meeting slides by clicking on the following link:
Meeting Slides 5-15-19