Upcoming Talks

There are no in-person meetings scheduled in 2022.

The speakers for the postponed 2020 / 2021 talks are listed below. We hope to re-engage with these speakers in 2023 when we start planning again for in-person meetings.

Unless stated otherwise, the meeting location will be Southwestern Yacht Club.

Postponed Dr. Gresham Bayne
Former Critical Care Consultant to STRATOS
Former medical consultant to Bird Aerospace Industries
Former CMO & Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee for NantHealth
What really happened during the STRATOS stratospheric parachute jump and what we still don’t know
Postponed Ryan Kastner
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
UC San Diego
Engineers for Exploration
Postponed Nick Hutzler
Assistant Professor of Physics
Using lasers to control atoms and molecules for table-top experiments in fundamental nuclear and particle physics and applications to quantum information, computation, and many-body systems.  More detail is TBD.
Postponed Joe Valenzuela
Director of Business Development for Tactical Systems & Deputy CTO
Kratos Defense & Security Solutions
The general topic will be Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.  More detail is TBD.
Postponed Katherine de Kleer
Assistant Professor
Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences

Dynamic Processes in the Solar System
(tentative title)

Postponed Richard Buttery
Director of Experimental Science,
DIII-D National Fusion Facility,
General Atomics
The Advanced Tokamak Path to Fusion Energy and Critical DIII-D Contributions
Postponed Shana Goffredi
Associate Professor
Biology Department
Occidental College, &
Visiting Scientist
Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences
General topic will be beneficial symbiotic partnerships between bacteria and invertebrates.  More detail is TBD.
2023 TBD
2023 TBD
2023 TBD TBD