# Date Speaker Subject Place*
101 1/27/16 Chuck Nichols TRANSPAC 2015, A Lot More Than a Boat Race SWYC
102 3/9/16 Chell Roberts Revolutionizing Engineering Education SWYC
103 4/20/16 Bradley Fikes Stem Cells:  From the Lab to Patients SWYC
104 6/8/16 Konstantin Batygin Planet Nine from Outer Space SWYC
105 8/31/16 Michael Campbell The National Ignition Facility: An Unexpected Journey SWYC
106 10/19/16 Geoffrey Wahl Tumor Heterogeneity: the “Imprecision” in “Precision Medicine” SWYC
107 11/23/16 Stanley Maloy Beneficial Microbes and Harmful Antibiotics SWYC

2016 Montage

*See Past Meetings tab for explanation of Place acronyms