Talk #66, 9/21/11

Introducing the Cyberknife

Patrick Linson, M.D. and Zion Huang
Cyberknife of Southern California
Vista, California

CyberKnife is a robotic stereotactic radiosurgery system which is capable of treating tumors anywhere in the body. This system is the only radiation treatment system capable of providing real-time tumor tracking and reaching a sub-millimeter accuracy.

The CyberKnife system consists of a lightweight 6-MV linear accelerator mounted on a 6 degrees of freedom robotic arm. There are two lower energy x-ray tubes mounted orthogonally in the ceiling and two amorphous silicon flat-panel detectors on the floor. The CyberKnife system is able to acquire two digital x-ray images at the same time and perform patient alignment as well as tracking target motion during treatment. The robotic arm is capable of moving and positioning the therapeutic radiation beams to the target with 0.2 mm accuracy and repeatability. After sensing any target motion, the robotic arm will correct the beam position to the newly detected target position.

The CyberKnife system received FDA clearance in 2001. CyberKnife Center of Southern California in Vista acquired the system in 2007. Dr. Linson will share his accumulated experience with the system in its use for radiosurgery treatment of lesions in the prostate, brain, spine, pancreas, and lung. Mr. Huang will answer questions about radiological physics and hardware.


The following is a link to the PowerPoint presentation (ppt file extension).

Presentation (Part 1)

Presentation (Part 2)