Talk #98, 9/16/15

The Science of TV’s “The Big Bang Theory”: Explanations Even Penny Would Understand

Dave Zobel
Science Humorist and Author

IMG_1503 (1)

What’s so hilarious about Schrodinger’s cat, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, and glow-in-the-dark jellyfish? The Big Bang Theory, TV’s highest-rated sitcom, features an assortment of very smart characters wisecracking about these and other real-life high-IQ concepts — and now you’ll be able to, too. Part one-man colloquium, part comedy routine, this talk won’t make you the next Albert Einfeld, but it just might show you enough of what’s fun and funny about science to earn you a spot on Sheldon’s couch.

Dave also signed (many) copies of his book with the same title as his talk.  His presentation contained a lot of videos and was too large to load onto our website.  You can learn more about him at: