Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Birth of What Would Become the Modern Internet

Peter Lobner

On 29 October 1969, the first host-to-host connection (remote login) between two computers, one at UCLA in Los Angeles and the other at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in the San Francisco Bay Area, was made over the first deployed general-purpose computer network.  This milestone, which occurred on a project funded by the Advanced Projects Research Agency (ARPA), was the first step toward the ARPANET, and later, what we all know today as the Internet. Remarkably, a UCLA logbook recording this event has been preserved.

One of the logbook pages that documented the first “internet” connection
made on the ARPANET on 29 October 1969 between UCLA and SRI.  
Source: UCLA Special Collections

For a detailed description of this event, see the article by Matt Novak, “Here’s the Internet’s ‘Birth Certificate’ from 50 Years Ago Today,” on the Gizmodo website at the following link: