Retrospective Look at Radio Shack and 1981 Microcomputer Technology

Peter Lobner

With Radio Shack in bankruptcy (again), it’s a good time for a nostalgic look at that company’s impressive product line of computers and peripheral devices before the introduction of IBM’s first personal computer (IBM 5150, introduced in August 1981) and the Apple Macintosh (introduced in a Ridley Scott TV commercial “1984”, most notably during the 3rd quarter of Super Bowl XVIII on January 22, 1984).  In 1981, Radio Shack was considered by some to be the “number one microcomputer manufacturer.

1981 Radio Shack Catalog Cover

1981 Radio Shack Catalog Cover

 Take a trip down memory lane in Radio Shack’s 1981 TSR-80 computer catalog at the following link:

Remember, “You can’t go wrong with a TRS-80.”