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Have You Ever Heard of Binaural Audio? It is not Dolby 5.1.

Peter Lobner

Binaural audio technology is not new, but so far, it is not common in audio systems.  This technology will likely become more common as it becomes integrated in virtual reality headsets, and perhaps high-end audio recordings intended for listening with earphones. Check out the article at the following link:


In the above article, there is a link to another article that provides a more detailed description and examples for you to hear binaural audio (aka 3D audio) and compare it to conventional stereo audio.  Have a set of headphones ready so you can really hear the difference.  You can go directly to this article via the link below:


I think you’ll like binaural microphones!

3Dio binaural microphone 3Dio binaural microphone 2Source: 3Dio