Talk #124, 11/14/18

Athenia – A Forgotten Tragedy of World War II

Thomas Sanger
Journalist, Documentarian, and Author


Abstract (from the book jacket):
On September 1, 1939, the passenger liner, Athenia, set sail from Glasgow for Montreal by way of Belfast and Liverpool.  She carried 1,100 passengers, nearly three-quarters of whom were women and children.  On September 3, Atheniawas torpedoed by a German submarine.  In Without Warning, author Thomas C. Sanger tells the harrowing story of the sinking of the Atheniafrom the perspective of eight people; six passengers, Athenia’schief officer, and the commander of the German U-boat.

Based on accounts written by the passengers, personal interviews with the survivors and descendants of survivors, books, newspaper stories, and original documents, Without Warning honors the memory of Athenia’s passengers, both living and dead.

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Tom Sanger’s Athenia slides

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